Frank Bonkowski: I WAS A STRANGER: The Refugee Crisis — A Personal Experience




Last night they were still determined that there was simply no other way. But early in the morning when Samer is about to leave, his pregnant wife is crying relentlessly and pleads with him to stay.His promise to get her and the baby as soon as he has found a new home, can’t stop the flow of her tears. But there simply is no way back. There will be a long way In front of him away from the bombs and the death, in his Syrian homeland, towards a new, hopefully much better life.The refugee crisis—arguably the greatest geo-political issue of our time—invokes all kind of feelings but can no longer be ignored.How do you even begin to respond to something so massive and complex?In „I was a Stranger,“ Frank Bonkowski offers stories. Stories about … his friends who are fearful, that welcoming new people is potentially dangerous.… about his own family who immigrated from Canada to his hometown in northern Germany.And many stories about the adventures of refugees who made the way from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and many other places to find a new life in Europe.These are stories that portray the plight of refugees and also the extraordinary opportunity we have to love our neighbors as ourselves.This is a book that shows very practically how you can start a relationship without sharing a common language.