Frank Bonkowski: Has anyone seen God? We lost Him: How my son and I lost our faith. And how we went to Africa to look for it.




When 8-year old Lukas announces that he no longer believes in God, his dad, who happens to be a pastor, is shaken. It is not so much that his son has doubts; everybody doubts. What is disturbing is that Frank himself is in the middle of a major faith crisis. and his son‘s doubts mirror his own. Jesus said that He can be found among the weak and the needy, maybe He can be found in a place like Uganda. So instead of trying to convince Lukas, Frank attempts a unique experiment; father and son decide to take a road trip to Africa to ask if anyone has seen God. Encounters with poverty, sickness and even more, the pure joy of life grounded in unshakeable faith, take hold of their hearts and begin to change them.